Sunday, December 07, 2008

the Romanian man who went to Malta

One day imma gona to Malta to bigga hotell In the morning i go down to eat a breakfast I tell the waitress i wanna 2 pisses of toast...

No, this is not a post on the Italian man who went to Malta :) ... Actually it's about the Romanian guy who went to Malta. I'm really happy that Malta didn't turn out to be as the Italian man described it, although it would have been extremely funny!
Malta is a breath taking place, really different from the rest of the countries that I've seen!

Anyway, I wanted to make this post a little bit funny but something in my head was continually screaming: you numnut, you're not a funny man!

So actually this post isn't about being funny or visiting Malta, it's about my sister... Pretty funny huh !? :)

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BrightOne said...

yes..pretty funny ..I got married and divorced :| ...=))